Phillip Wessels

Hello world! I created this page for the freeCodeCamp portfolio project, using it to showcase the other freeCodeCamp projects I have designed. Since then, I've taken it forward to showcase my skills. This site is deployed through Netlify using a "serverless" node.js npm build script. The build uses Webpack to bundle my Sass (compiled to CSS) and JavaScript (extra compatible thanks to Babel)!

freeCodeCamp Projects

The fully-responsive front-end designs here are original except where for each project's requirements. I have left the testing script in each project (including this portfolio project) so that you can see the tests and how they are passing. The requirements are also clearly labeled via comments in the code. These projects were learning experiences and aren't optimal, but I pushed myself into new territories with each one. I'm hoping to go back and update these as time permits.

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